Following the latest release, Tuxera NTFS for Mac is receiving positive reviews all over the net. For example movie and television industry veteran David Roth Weiss has in mind a use case where large movie files are post-produced on a Mac and then submitted to clients who have PCs:

Until Tuxera, the 4Gb file size limitation made it impossible to copy files over 4Gb to a FAT32 formatted drive, and NTFS formatted drives could only be read on Macs, writing to them was not possible. … that could be a real deal breaker for many editors on Macs. Tuxera changes all that, and creates a seamless method for delivering files on hard drives to your PC-based clients.

Earlier also MacObserver picked Tuxera as the NTFS solution for Mac.

As a final note, Softpedia gave us “100% CLEAN” award 🙂