Tuxera gives people the freedom of choice

What brings us together at Tuxera is a passion for improving lives through technology. We fuel that passion by developing storage and networking technologies that work across all devices and operating systems.

Software and hardware giants alike would love for you to buy as many devices inside their ecosystems as possible. But our software empowers you with more freedom to choose which devices you want to use – and we’re proud to make that happen.

For the entire month of October, Tuxera will be featured in the Business Insight Finland supplement of N by Norwegian in-flight magazine. Business Insight Finland focuses on the most internationally interesting Finnish companies, so we’re honored to be a part of it! In case you can't catch a flight with Norwegian this month, no problems. Read the full article on how we put the freedom of choice back into your hands.

Consumer electronic trends at IFA 2016

Now that I’m settled in after a jam-packed tour of IFA, here’s my take on the trends and developments I saw there.

IFA is still a top event in consumer electronics. As in previous years, all the big consumer electronics brands were present including Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, and myriads of others. Brands invested a lot of time and money to create an enjoyable experience for consumers at the show.

At this year’s IFA, the three biggest consumer trends were in:

  • VR
  • Drones
  • 360º-cameras

 Trends in storage

Specific to Tuxera’s main areas of interest – storage and networking technologies – a hot area of demand is the camera market, including drones. There’s an explosion of 360º-cameras, action cameras, professional drones, cinematographic drones, and other high-performance video recording devices – which all need plenty of data storage. This consumer market could bring good return on investment for SD or UFS card manufacturers.

No truly disruptive technologies at IFA 2016

Although the products at IFA were packed full of features with great designs, I didn’t see any so-called “disruptive technologies.” In fact, it appears the markets are becoming saturated and commoditized. Most of the big brands have similar technologies to offer in all product categories including TVs, drones, routers, music products, and the smart home.

Robots are one area where I would have hoped for more. Despite being real crowd-pleasers at the show, they're still in the early stages of tangible consumer use. At the moment, they’re mostly toys or somewhat clumsy servants designed to help with specific, simple tasks (such as cooking or exercising). That said, it will be interesting to see how the robot market grows in the coming years.

Final thoughts

That’s a wrap for our coverage of IFA 2016! Thanks to everyone that followed us on our tour, and we hope you continue to like our video reviews and interviews. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of our favorite devices from this year’s show.


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