Release Candidate: Tuxera NTFS for Mac 2010.12-RC

The latest release candidate of Tuxera NTFS for Mac is out.
The newest release candidate contains bugfixes and a some new features.


  • Automatic filename translation of characters that Windows Explorer considers illegal. File names and attribute names can now safely contain characters such as ‘:’ and ‘\’ as they are translated to the private Unicode range according to the scheme used in Services for Mac. (This proved to be an immediate problem as some Mac OS X component has started to set attributes like “” which resulted in the files being inaccessible in Windows Explorer.)
  • Improved performance with multiple filesystems under the 64-bit Snow Leopard kernel.
  • Bugfix: Free space updates was not picked up by Finder at all times (Snow Leopard).
  • More efficient aligned I/O, now built into the caching layer. This should improve performance in some situations.
  • Bugfix for resource fork handling. This bug resulted in problems with some applications, e.g. Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Please send an email to our dedicated support email address describing any issues that you might have. Thank you.